Thursday, August 15, 2019


Our Services:

- Full or Complete Dentures
- Partial Dentures
    - Metal Frame Partials
    - Acrylic Partials
- Denture Relines
- Denture Repairs

Most Denture Repairs can be done the same day, but in some complex cases they may take longer.

The detailed information about different types of dentures, relines, denture repairs and denture care, as well as our services and specials, can be found on our Denture Info blog.

Senior/Veteran Discount

For Seniors 65+ or Veterans we offer everyday discount of 5% for the Premium Dentures and Metal Partials. Discount can not be combined with other offers.

Our Dentures Come with Warranty
The price of the denture includes the warranty on the regular wear and tear: the crack in the denture plate or fallen out tooth.

- Full Dentures (Premium) - 1yr warranty
- Full Dentures (Economy) - 1yr warranty
- Metal Partial Dentures - 1yr warranty
- Acrylic Partial Dentures - 6 months warranty

The repairs during the time covered by the warranty are done at no charge to the Patient.

We Accept:
- Cash
- Checks
- Money Orders
- Major Credit Cards
- Most Dental Insurance Plans

Our Practice
In our clinic all dentures are made by us in our own lab. For all our dentures we use only the best quality materials and teeth made in USA. The teeth are always custom selected for each patient, his/her anatomy and personal preferences.

For our Premium dentures we use only the best quality teeth. For our Economy denture we use more affordable teeth, but the patient still gets the same high quality workmanship, and the warranty .The Economy denture price will fit most budgets. Call us for details!

There are many factors to take under consideration while making a cosmetically pleasing denture; many anatomical challenges can be overcome, many anatomical factors need to be considered to make the denture look natural.

We incorporate the skills and the knowledge of making dentures that come together to over 40 years of experience. We are also working directly and together with the patient to assure that all personalized denture design details are taken under consideration, and that the final product looks and functions the best it can.

A best made denture sitting on the table is just a piece of acrylic resin, but in the patient’s mouth it becomes a new smile, new confidence and new attitude. It also becomes a mean to a better nutrition and health; in short - it improves the quality of life of the patient. It’s a great pleasure to be a part of that process.

- Let us be Your denture provider!